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In 2018, in response to the Santa Fe School Shooting, I co-founded Texas Candidates for Gun Sense. Over 50 candidates signed the pledge, including Beto O’Rourke. We fully support the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense organization and this campaign remains fully dedicated to their mission.

We call for Gun Sense, not Gun Control. I am a responsible gun owner. Like the vast majority of responsible gun owners, I believe there is no conflict between the 2nd Amendment and common-sense public safety measures that make our communities safer and save lives.

The epidemic of gun violence plaguing our nation won’t stop so long as politicians live in fear of the NRA. My opponent, Travis Clardy, is as proud of his A+ rating. It marks him as a man truly frightened of their influence and eager to please the NRA in every way. He has never disappointed the NRA.

A few years back Travis promised the Stephen F. Austin State University Community that he would vote against Campus Carry legislation pending in Austin at the time. But Travis voted for it, despite that promise, making the entire campus less safe. My wife, Gloria, works on that campus, and I have scores of friends there also. And then there are some 15 thousand students all made less safe because of the fears that rule Travis Clardy.

The NRA gave me an F. I am proud of the F. It stands for Fearless. The NRA has no influence over me. Nothing will prevent me from doing my utmost to protect the people of District 11. Guided by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, I’m determined to bring sensible gun reform to the great state of Texas.

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