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ALL Texans Have a Right to Health Care


Accept Medicaid Expansion Immediately!


One of the major reasons I’ve felt driven to run against Travis Clardy, both in the 2018 election and the one we face in 2020, is because of his idiotic and cowardly refusal to support Medicaid Expansion in Texas. His devotion to the Texas GOP’s policy of healthcare negligence is more evidence of his cowardice. When I’m elected I will stand up for the people and move swiftly to accept Medicaid funding to help Texans across the state gain access to healthcare.

Memorial Hospital Hijinks


The fact that Clardy also works as Memorial Hospital’s attorney makes his stubbornness a glaring conflict of interest. He cannot represent the best interests of Memorial Hospital, where he charges between $20,000 to $30,000 a month, by actively working to deny the Hospital of critical funding the Federal Government is trying to deliver. It’s trying to return to Texas taxes we already paid. In 2018 I insisted that Clardy be fired by the Hospital Board. I renew that call now.


Healthcare is a Right – Medicare-For-All

I believe that healthcare is a right. We don’t have to pay for things we enjoy as rights. Our current healthcare system is twice as expense as that of almost every other major industrialized democracy. This system is vastly wasteful. Wasteful of lives and of money. Medicare-For-All would save trillions of dollars and deliver vastly better healthcare. When elected I will do my utmost to ensure all the citizens of Texas enjoy their right to good healthcare.

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