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Protecting DREAMERS in Texas


Defending the Dreamers

Government of the People, by the People, and for the People must be a government that makes sacrosanct and unbreakable promises. When elected, I won’t be in a position to directly influence federal policy. But I will be in a position to raise my voice and demand that Texas does its part to ensure justice for the Dreamers within our borders. They are all but citizens and will presently become citizens. They deserve protection and representation.


Repealing Senate Bill 4

The attack on the Dreamers is part and parcel of the racist assault on immigrant communities specifically, and our Hispanic communities generally. Another glaring example of this attack has to be Senate Bill 4, co-sponsored by my opponent. According to the ACLU of Texas, this assault on the Latino community:

“. . . punishes local officials who choose to prioritize their communities’ safety over the anti-immigrant agenda of politicians, diverts precious local resources away from communities to serve the needs of the federal government, corrodes public trust in law enforcement, and drives victims and witnesses of crime into the shadows, making everyone less safe.”


Opposing the Border Wall

 The proposed Border Wall project, which may cost upwards of $30 billion, is the most ridiculous and unnecessary project championed by the most ridiculous man ever to occupy the Oval Office. Within Texas, it is a hideous example of government overreach by eminent domain abuse. If constructed, farmers and ranchers along the Rio Grande will discover that they can no longer access that great river’s flowing waters for irrigation and other vital uses.


Opposing sending Texas National Guard forces to the Border

Reports make clear that border crossings are at an all-time low. Evidence that our Nation’s security is threatened by our proximity to Mexico simply beggars belief. Sadly, Donald Trump’s fact-free views and divisive racism drive Texas State policy. This is yet another reason why we need a sea change in leadership in Austin.

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